8 Popular Smoke Shop Products

8 Popular Smoke Shop Products

If you have never been to a smoke shop, then there is a huge chance you will be intimidated. You might see products you are unfamiliar with and don't know how to use. These reasons make many people avoid smoke shops and miss out on all the great products they could use. In case you are one of those people who are contemplating going to a smoke shop. Knowing what to expect will be helpful before you arrive. Here are some of the products you will most likely find in the shop.


If you love smoking weed the traditional way, then these products might be essential. While they would come in only cylindrical shapes and glass material in the past, this has changed over time. You can choose from many shapes, and the materials have also changed. The good thing with bongs is that you will get value for your money because they are made to last, and you will often not need to replace them for years.


If you love flavored tobacco or shisha, as it is commonly known, then you will want a hookah. A hookah is made of glass and has a base and long pipe. At the top, you get to add your flavor and the tobacco, and you smoke through the pipe connected to the hookah. Even though hookahs were made years ago, there have been modifications to them to make them more durable. You can also use your hookah to smoke cannabis, which adds to its versatility.


If you do not want to go through the trouble of preparing your hookah, then you can check out our smoke shop in Fern Park, Sanford or Orlando, Florida for pipes. Just as the name suggests, these are long pipes used for directly smoking tobacco or cannabis. Many people prefer these pipes because they give hits that are more potent and are perfect for anyone who might want to get a quicker high. They come in a variety of materials ranging from clay, glass, and porcelain.

Rolling Paper and Trays

Nothing beats the feeling of getting quality rolling paper. You can use it to roll up your cannabis blunt before you smoke it. They are very thin, which makes the rolling and smoking process more effortless. Most of the papers are made from wood pulp, cotton, or rice paper. To help with the rolling process, you can also get some fantastic rolling trays that aid the entire process. 


Just as the name suggests, grinders are used to grind the herbs before you roll them up. While you might choose to do this by hand, it will take a longer time. Grinders ensure you get finer particles that are more potent as you use them.

There are a variety of grinders in the market, all in different shapes and sizes. They are mostly made from steel and have a compartment where the herbs go, and a peg is turned to grind them.


As the trend on healthy smoking picks up, so do vaporizers. Vaporizers are CBD vapor that is free of THC. They have all the benefits of using cannabis without getting the use of THC. Users can smoke these without getting worried that they will become addicts in a short time. You can get a big stash of these vaporizers or buy them in small quantities that are easy to carry around with you.


If you are a chain smoker, you know that you cannot just cut down the cigarettes in one day. E-cigarettes were invented for this reason. They contain a mixture of herbs, water, and glycerin, and the user can smoke them without inhaling all the harmful smoke that comes from tobacco products. These ingredients of the smoker are heated up using electricity, which also cuts out the need to use a lighter. You need to remember when getting these products from a smoke shop near you that you should get a charger.


If you love a smaller version of the bong, then you need to try out the bubbler. It is perfect for you if you are moving around and would like to smoke later on. Due to their sizes, you might need to refill them up severally to get to the level of high that you want. Even though they have no bowl, you can still smoke it from the hole at the bottom.

How to Pick the Right Smoke Shop Near Me

If you have no idea where to start when going to a smoke shop, here are a few pointers.

  • Check out their catalog - See if they have a variety of products to sell.
  • Look at their prices - A good shop needs to have competitive prices.
  • Check out their customer service - Since it is your first time in the shop, it will help if you get friendly staff.

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