How To Create A Shisha Cocktail - Part 1

How To Create A Shisha Cocktail - Part 1

Shisha cocktails are a wonderful way to enjoy shisha hookah. It combines several flavors together into the same bowl. It's presented in a way that is visually appealing as well as the aesthetic of the experience. Not only that, but it makes the draw that much better. Like any cocktail you drink, this is a special creation meant for the experience. So if boredom has set in, you should try this.


The process of blending everything together is part of the fun. You combine several brand or flavors and pack it all into a bowl. Some people like to make it look like other things. So it looks like another plate of food, or a desert. It's actually a Shisha cocktail. Not only is this a fun aesthetic, you can also help an unpleasant flavor become a better flavor for the smoke.

Say one is sour for example, you could mix that with a sweet flavor to make it better. It prevents wasting it when the balance isn't quite right. If you have a flavor that is too harsh, you can mix it with one that is creamy for a smooth combination. Similarly, if you get some that won't burn right, you can add a dryer blend in to make it work better.

You can even mix in a blend to add nicotine to the bowl. It takes practice to get it just right. Some combinations might be worse. It is an art form for creative types. The last step is to cut it just right for a uniform cut. That way, it's a great blend. Just experiment for your personal aesthetic of blending a cocktail.


Just like a good bean dip at a Super Bowl, this can blend into layered sections. Those sections are best with 2 to 3 varied flavors. While you can add more layers, this is a good start for that creative aesthetic bowl. It's perfect for a party where you want your guests to appreciate the experience that much more.

 Create a special shape with your fingers. You can get so creative with the design. It makes the splitting better too. Cut the Shisha into the bowl. Unlike the cutting, blending into sections brings the different nuances of flavor together. It's fun too. Sectioning doesn't cover the odd flavors like blending, but it does add a varied flavor.


 Shisha hookah cocktails work with more variations than the leaf type. You can use the stones as well. Steam stones need to blend together for it to work well. Add the stones to the bowl. Blend them together and pack the hookah bowl. Mix single flavors at the beginning to avoid mixing things up too much. Then enjoy the aesthetic like the other two methods. It creates the perfect shisha cocktail.


 As it sounds, layering is the process of adding in the shisha flavors in the bowl. Layering changes things up as you smoke. The flavor changes. The layers on top are weaker than the bottom ones. As you go through the bowl, you'll get an intensity that increases the lower you get. When you reach that last layer, it's strong.

 The split should go with 2 different flavors. Place it split in 50/50, take advantage of the normal behavior of the layering by putting the wet on top. That way, the process of heating will drip don to the bottom. You'll allow the burn to get a bit slower. You can savor it more.


 This is a master level of aesthetic. Your bowl cocktail can change depending on how you pack the flavors. Tighter gives you a slower burn. Aerating it loose makes it burn far faster. Think looser pack aerates it for a more potent blend. Just use a toothpick to aerates the pack of the bowl. Practicing this is helpful. It's easy to mess it up. So you'll want to practice it before using it for entertaining at a party.

 Tricks and Tips

 When you make a shisha cocktail, follow some of these tips for a better aesthetic experience. Blend slowly at first with shisha flavors to get a visual of what it should look like. After that, dump it out on a plate and blend it all. That way, the end result has the right amount for the size of the bowl. Remember, blending works for changing the flavors. Sectioning is good for flavors that complement one another. Layering and aerating allows you to change the potency of the cocktail. Layering with wet blends allows you to prevent a dry burn. That way, it's enjoyed longer with a slower burn.

 All these techniques add an aesthetic to the cocktail. It's fun creating new flavors and look to the bowl. Your shisha hookah can get better with time. Practice these techniques to make your hookah even better.

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