How to Smoke Hookah

How to Smoke Hookah

How to smoke hookah 

The idea behind smoking a hookah came from many years ago when people smoked tobacco and were much more common than today. Smoking a hookah was a classic pastime enjoyed by many who truly enjoyed the flavors that a hookah can present to the tastebuds. Smoking a hookah is not like any other type of smoking, and it is truly an authentic smoking experience. It appears as a very sophisticated event when first witnessing a hookah that may sometimes intimidate the first-time smoker. However, there is nothing to be intimidated by, as most fellow hookah smokers are more than happy to help with any questions. Hookah smoke has a great many flavors that take time to learn to appreciate. The first-time smoker may not understand all the flavor variables yet can still enjoy the subtle differences in the hookah bar flavors. For at least 500 years, hookahs have been enjoyed, and it is a continually growing trend in the United States, and many new smokers are enjoying the sophisticated and rich flavors.

Beginners and the Experience

Generally, the first time a person tries smoking, their first question may be about what's in hookah and which flavors are the best. This question makes logical sense, but it is not a simple question to answer, as there are so many different flavors available. These pipes do not burn regular tobacco; instead, the substance substitute for tobacco smoking is called Shisha. Shisha can come in many different flavors such as; mint, apple, cherry, and a great many other flavors. Many experienced smokers like to mix and match different flavors, which creates a never-ending amount of variable flavors enjoyed. Mix a little apple with cherry, and the fun can begin or add some mint to the apple, and so forth, the flavors are entirely endless. If a new smoker asks the question about which is the best flavor, it is not an easy question to answer once it is understood the number of available flavor options. 

Many enjoy smoking to unwind and relax. The smoking of Hooka for over a hundred years has been for the same reason: to allow stress and anxiety to melt away while enjoying. Smoking is often a friendly gathering with friends to gather around, and smoking can lead to great relaxing times. Be sure always to get the Shisha from a reputable source to ensure the best experience possible. 

First Experience? Use a Professional Setup

The first time a person decides to try smoking is a big moment, and the goal is to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Be it at home or visiting a local smoke shop, be sure to take the needed time to set up the hookah experience properly.

During a person's first hookah experience, many recommend a visit to the local lounge bar, as there will be a professional guide to help from start to finish. The experience will begin by choosing a tasty flavor of Shisha, and the lounge professional can help you choose a good one.

After picking out a flavorful Shisha, ask the attendee to pack your first pipe. By allowing the professional to fill the bowl, it should be packed correctly and ready for enjoyment. If the Shisha is packed too tight or too lightly, the smoking experience may suffer. Smoking lounges are notoriously laid back and deliver a relaxing atmosphere. Intermingling and communicating amongst different tables while enjoying a smoke is common, and it can have a laid-back bar feel at most times. 

How to Inhale

Flavors of the Shisha and how it is packed into the bowl can dramatically change how a person will take a hit. During a person's first experience, it is recommended to take a seat, get comfortable, and relax, before inhaling your first puff.

Sometimes a head rush can occur with beginners, and sitting will help ensure no falls happen. After a person becomes more experienced with smoking, the body will adapt, and bigger and deeper puffs off the pipe will become possible, taking the experience to another level.

The main thing to remember about smoking is that the experience is not a race, and it is to be enjoyed at a very leisurely rate. Take the time to enjoy the inhale and experience the flavor that is delivered. Many beginners will only puff the smoke into the mouth and not inhale; however, in order to truly get the entire experience, inhaling the smoke is recommended.

Once all of the smoke enters the chest area, really try to concentrate on the sensation and start to notice the hidden flavor undertones that will begin to show themselves. While allowing this experience to unfold at the desired speed, once ready, begin to take a deeper inhale, and the body will start to relax along with the brain.

Smoking the pipe is a pleasant experience; however, the moments that are in between the hits are just as crucial to the overall experience. After taking a hit, take a moment to close the eyes and taste the aftertaste, breath out, and relax completely. One of the best parts of an experience is that it can be a shared experience with friends and those we hold dear. Listen, talk, laugh, and embrace the moments together that are shared over smoke. The experiences from enjoying smoking are ancient and have been enjoyed for centuries. Their popularity continues to soar as many first-time smokers join in on the fun and the endless amounts of flavor varieties. 

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