The Best of The Best 420 Gifts And Accessories at Pipe Dreams Smoke Shop

The Best of The Best 420 Gifts And Accessories at Pipe Dreams Smoke Shop

Spring is the best season of the year. The weather gets warmer, days become longer, and flowers start blooming. It is also the time of the year where people celebrate 420. 20th April is the international smoking day, dedicated to every smoker worldwide.

 At Pipe Dreams, we understand how important this day is for smokers, which is why we are here to make things better. Whether you want to add new items to your collection or buy something unique and beautiful for a friend or loved one, we got you.

Get The Best

420 is a huge day, which is why you should not settle for ordinary and basic smokers products. Some of the best and unique products that you can get from us include;


This is a pretty basic and obvious accessory that smokers have, and they are a perfect way to personalize your smoking experience. However, people often forget to upgrade their bongs and forget what a great impact an upgrade could bring.

To bring you an upgrade and add uniqueness to it, we have a collection of silicone beaker bongs for you to choose from. Our Eyce silicone mini beaker and Eyce silicon beakers will change the game for you and your friends.

The beaker comes with features like a rolling tray, large hidden jar, stainless steel poker, magnetic ring lighter holder, a glass-on-glass slide, and an ice catch.

These features make it extraordinary, and you will surely stand out from the crowd. These features surpass features in all other silicone bongs in the market.

The mini beaker has some of the same features as the beaker, but they are half the size. It has a steel poker, tool holders, and a silicone down stem with a borosilicate glass slide.

Standing at 7.25, this is a perfect option for you if you are traveling and has enough space3 at the base for your extra material. You can get these bong beakers in different colors and patterns to match your personality or your 420 collections.


Vaping has become the new norm for a lot of smokers. While portable vaporizers are functional and the most common, desktop vaporizers are also becoming common. If you are looking to change your smoking game, desktop vaporizers are worth adding to your 420 collections, especially because of how powerful they are.

They also make perfect gifts because people will hardly think of getting one for themselves. They are perfect for extracts and dry herbs, they provide accurate temperatures, and they are long-lasting. From our collection, there are numerous colors and patterns to choose from.

However, one of the downsides is that they are not easy to conceal, but that makes them perfect for 420.

Adapters and converters

All smokers are different, so not all rigs or bongs will work for everyone. However, for 420, all smokers want to ensure that their hit will be not only the smoothest but also the best.

At Pipe Dreams, we understand that this is important for all smokers, so we have the best adapters and converters to help you achieve the best smoking experience.

Adapters and converters will save you from buying new smoking apparatus, whether you want to upgrade your old one or get a better fit.


At Pipe Dreams, we not only sell you the best 420 apparatus but want to ensure that you stand out when preparing for 420. Therefore, we have a silicone collection of some of the rarest yet functional items.

First is our Eyce silicone smoking spoon. It has inlaid borosilicate glass bowls that are perfect for your style and give you the feeling you are used to when using other smoking pipes. The silicone body, on the other hand, makes this smoking pipe affordable and long-lasting.

It also has a convenient kit that holds your material and poker ready for any situation. The silicone smoking spoon comes in many colors and patterns to suit your style and fit into your 420 collections.

We also have a silicone collector, something many fans have looked forward to. With a platinum cured silicone body, this collector has unmatched functions and is unique. It also has features like a heat shield and built-in storage.

The collector also features a multi percolating water filtration storage container and a proprietary GR2 titanium nozzle compatible with our Eyce Shorty. Using our Eyce Shorty Glass Bowl, you can convert your collector to use with dry material.


If you like buying and grinding your herbs, we have a collection of the best and most unique grinders in the market. Made with anodized aluminum, our grinders come in different sizes and colors.

Most of them have four pieces, including a sifting bottom for your product to fall through and a middle compartment to catch the product. They also have screened bottoms to allow kief and fine pollen to fall through into the collection tray.

To ensure that you get the perfect grind all the time, they also feature a magnetic closure and pollen pick. When you buy a four-piece grinder, you get the grinder, a carrying bag, and a pollen scrapper in the package. For the two-piece grinder, you get the grinder and a carrying bag.

Some of the colors that the grinders come in include black, gold, silver, red, green, blue, orange, gunmetal, purple, pink, teal, and rasta.

Rolling trays

If you love smoking your product in the form of joints, these rolling trays are the perfect addition to your 420 collections. With raised edges, they are perfect for ensuring that none of your products spill.

They are also made using high-quality materials to ensure that they last long, even in the roughest conditions and are easy to clean.

To take your experience on a higher level, they have 3D holographic moving images of different animals and things.

Mystery boxes

These are a perfect gift, and you can choose between extracts or dry material. Since our employees handpick all the boxes, you will never get the same products twice, and they contain almost double the value of the buying price.


We have a collection of smoker-themed clothes to ensure you celebrate your 420 like a smoker. The collection includes beanies, t-shirts, and hoodies that are perfect for you or a loved one.
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