The Science Behind Helix Pipes and Accessories: What Makes the Best Bong

The Science Behind Helix Pipes and Accessories: What Makes the Best Bong

Helix pipes are one of the most iconic pieces in the smoking industry. With a wide range of colors, sizes, and designs to choose from, it is easy to find something that fits your personal style. It is an accessory that you can add to your smoking device to enhance your smoke's flavor. Smoking experts agree that adding a helix pipe will improve the taste and draw of any type of tobacco, herbal, or liquid product. This article looks at the science behind helix pipes and accessories.

This American helix glass pipe is a special brand and adaptors tailored to spin smoke within its chambers. The shape of these chambers causes what would normally be a violent puff to become smoother and easier on your throat and lungs. This type of smoking experience makes the helix pipe appealing to smokers who experience health issues like coughing or hacking while using traditional devices. Its design features include several different styles of helix pipes. Each style is designed to improve the way that smoke travels through your device. The helix design can be used with water or without, making them ideal for any smoker looking to expand their instruments.

Within the helix chamber, smoke comes from either the concentrates or the dry herbs navigates through the Venturi chamber to create a spinning effect that cools and filters the smoke. This process is referred to as "aerodynamics," and it takes place when air passes around an object at high speeds, such as when aircraft fly through strong headwinds. The helix pipe accomplishes aerodynamics in much the same way. As your product burns within the bowl, hot gases are released and travel upwards towards the mouthpiece of your device. When these hot gases reach the Venturi chamber, they pass over one or several perforations before reaching the flavor enhancer built into either end of this helix chamber. When smoke reaches this cooling mechanism, it will begin to spin as it makes its journey toward your lungs.

Helix percolator

The helix percolator is composed of the main chamber and a round shape having small slits that necessitate the alteration and spinning of smoke towards different directions. This action enhances the flavor of smoke in your mouth. The helix chamber will force air to spin downwards in a tornado-like fashion, causing the smoke inside the chamber to spin as it travels upwards. This spinning movement of smoke will cool down and filter products that you place within this helix by either using water or without any water at all.

Dual Action Percolator

The dual action percolator is composed of both a circulator and a diffuser that allows smoke to rotate more than once before passing through another particulate matter for additional filtration. A diffuser typically purifies by separating the unwanted particles from the desirable ones. A circulator accomplishes this same task by forcing these difficult or undesirable particles to move in a circular motion that carries them through the percolator's slits before exiting into your mouthpiece. Helix pipes offer several different styles of diffusers and circulators to choose from when you are looking to improve the taste of any type of product.

Filter Chamber

The filter chamber is best described as a circuitous route for a smoke with twists and turns within its design. In order for this helix pipe component to function, it must be combined with either a water bong or a vape pen. This helix chamber allows products contained within these devices to travel through an alternating series of larger open areas that become smaller until they eventually end up in your mouthpiece - similar to a maze.

When you inhale smoke through your mouthpiece, it will enter the filter chamber, where it meets an air stream. This airstream will push smoke in one direction before being deflected back in another. This back-and-forth motion continues until all of the smoke has exited the device.

Removable Bowl Piece

The removable bowl piece is a helix pipe component that can be used with either dry products or concentrates. The design of this piece allows you to quickly and easily clean your product by simply removing this piece from your main body and soaking it in warm water. 

Additional Accessories

When it comes time to load, unload or hold your helix glass pipe, you'll want to look into purchasing assorted handmade accessories that are designed to help you complete these tasks. Accessories such as a bowl, snuffer, and pass-through adapter will make it easier for you to smoke your products using this specific glass pipe at hand.

Shower Head

The shower head perc is essentially a drop tube that has been cut in half and vertically sliced again to create an intertwining series of slits. The timing and placement of these cuts determine the size of the bubbles created when smoke passes through them. The more cuts there are within your structure, the finer each bubble will be. Shower heads often use either titanium or quartz nails to control airflow during inhalation while improving heat retention and lowering potential burn hazards. These helix pipes offer smokers a thicker hit that is smooth and clean compared to the glass pipe they previously used.


The diffused helix percolator offers several advantages over a standard helix glass pipe. One of these benefits is its ability to separate unwanted particulate matter from desirable ones. The diffused style uses a filter or removable bowl piece with dual-action perc. These pieces all work in unison to purify your inhaled smoking taste and aroma by separating any particles that might be present within your product before you take a puff. Diffusers also increase the amount of time required for smoke to travel through the body of this type of glass pipe, which increases filtration, aeration and cools down each hit you take.

Split Joint

The split joint is one of the most common joints produced by glassblowers. This type of joint allows for a male or female connection to be used with either a 10mm, 14.5mm, 18.8mm, or 29.2mm ground joint size. The thickness and length of this glass pipe's joint will affect the number of components that can be combined together to create your very own custom helix piece. 12 individual parts make up your typical helix perc: bowl, diffuser, body, head tube, splash guard, arm tube, removable arm flower bowl, turbine disc, turbine circulator, turbine dome, and turbine cap. Utilizing two different types of joints - fixed and removable male - you can take the pieces that make up this versatile glass pipe and attach them to each other like a small puzzle. Fixed joints do not move and are therefore considered very durable.
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