Top 4 Ways Incenses Can Improve Your Smoking Sessions Experience

Top 4 Ways Incenses Can Improve Your Smoking Sessions Experience

Incense is a great way to add flavor and depth to your smoking session. It can help cover up the smell of smoke, improve moods, soothe the senses, and reduce stress levels as well as anxiety. In this blog post, we will discuss four different ways incense can be used in conjunction with cannabis consumption.

Incense in the air

An alternative way to use incense is to light it and let its smoke waft into the surrounding air. Just like an aromatic candle, this allows for your entire room or space to be permeated by the scent of the incense. This can help eliminate any harsh odors that might be lingering in a room due to smoking and increase relaxation among everyone present in that area.

This type of usage also works well in public spaces such as bars and restaurants where cigarette or cigar smoke would typically be off-limits. Being able to enjoy aromatic scents while relaxing with friends at dinner or out on the town can add a lot to one's overall experience. Of course, when lighting an incense burner, always make sure you are doing so in an appropriate setting. If wafting scented smoke into your apartment or home is alright with all of your roommates or family members, then go ahead and enjoy the benefits that this practice has to offer. If not, do what I do and use a salt lamp to diffuse your favorite aromas throughout the room without leaving any lingering smoke particles behind.

Diffusion/Burning Incense Burner near Your Smoke Sesh

This is my preferred method for enjoying incense while smoking cannabis. It works especially well if you happen to be offended by certain smells (for example, someone who hates having their space smell like skunk weed after consuming it). This way you can combine the pleasant aspects of the aroma you love with your smoke sesh, while not having to worry about any of the less desirable odors. As mentioned above, using a salt lamp diffuser is an excellent way to spread aromatic scents throughout your room or space without leaving a residue on surfaces and furniture. Simply light your incense burner in one area of the room and let its wafting scented smoke diffuse into the surrounding air. This will add a pleasant smell that won't interfere with your ability to enjoy your favorite strain's natural fragrance. If you have a particularly large space, placing more than one incense holder around the room can help ensure that all areas are being covered by ample scent from multiple angles.

Another option when smoking cannabis is to use a 'scent pen' to diffuse a pleasant aroma through the air. These pen-shaped devices use a heating element to vaporize scented oil into the surrounding area, producing a light and versatile aromatic effect that can be enjoyed anywhere you happen to go. When using this option for smoking cannabis with friends, simply place the scented pen in the center of your group and let its aroma fill up the room naturally as everyone takes part in their favorite activity together. It's a fun way to make your session more enjoyable for everyone present while aromatizing all of those around you with your preferred scent.

Using It before Smoking Cannabis

This is my second preferred method for enjoying incense while smoking cannabis with others. Just like the 'diffusion method' discussed above, lighting it outside of your group before everyone begins smoking can help eliminate any harsh odors in the area. This allows everyone to be surrounded by a pleasant smell they can appreciate while enjoying each other's company, rather than having to put up with someone else's less preferred fragrance for the duration of their smoke sesh. It also makes it easier to fall into a conversation without being distracted by an unpleasant odor, which is always a bonus when spending time with friends.

As for what type of incense you should use, that largely depends on what your personal preference happens to be. If you are offended by certain smells then stick with one that isn't offensive to your senses (as some are better than others when it comes to dealing with different odors).

Using It after Smoking Cannabis

This is another one of my favorite ways to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while smoking cannabis with friends. For me, it works best if you happen to like both the smell of marijuana and your select scent (in which case you might as well combine their smells for an enhanced experience.) or if your group is less than fond of the natural fragrance cannabis leaves behind.

Just like before, light some incense burner in one area of your room or space before everyone begins smoking. Then once you're done taking part in your smoke sesh, let its aroma fill up the surrounding atmosphere as you continue conversing with each other. This will take any lingering odors from your weed and replace them with a pleasant-smelling one that your group can enjoy without being distracted by anything else.


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