Top Travel Tips for Smokers

Top Travel Tips for Smokers

Seven handy traveling tips for smokers.


Traveling as a smoker doesn't have to be a stressful experience. If you know you're going to be away from your house for a long time, say for more than a few hours, it is important to prepare and pack your smoking essentials for the trip. Many smokers tend to forget their supplies when traveling. Hence, they end up not enjoying their smoking sessions during their vacations. Being prepared in terms of your herb supplies and knowing the rules of the place you're traveling to regarding public smoking is important. This article will inform you of 7 handy tips for smokers when traveling out on the open road.

  1. Don't forget storage containers

Whether you're going on a short trip to a relative or a journey abroad, you need to ensure you carry your stash in a safe container. Don't just dump it in a bag and carry it. You can invest in a good storage container that isn’t too obvious to avoid problems with authorities at checkpoints and airports. A good storage container will also prevent the smell of your herb from leaking out, so they’re safer than normal carrier bags.

  1. Pack your grinder

There’s nothing that can ruin a perfect smoking session than realizing you forgot to pack your grinder. This means you’ll have to sort through your stash, hand-picking your herb before you roll it up into a crude joint. Then your hands get dirty and smelly from the herb, and your session won’t be as fulfilling as you’d expected. The perfect grinder will allow you to get well-sifted herb every time so you can enjoy your smoking sessions to the fullest. Some grinders can also work as storage devices for your stash; therefore, do your research before settling on the perfect one for you.

  1. Carry a rolling tray

Keeping a portable rolling tray with you as you go on vacation can come in handy when you’re preparing to smoke your herb. It’s not a great idea to grind and roll your stash on surfaces of hotel rooms or even on disposable papers, as you could easily mix up your herb with other substances and ruin your smoking session. It would be best to get a customized rolling tray that will make rolling your joints much easier and faster. This especially comes in handy when traveling, so you can keep all your ground herb in one place as you roll your stuff.

  1. Research on your destination’s smoking laws

Before leaving on your journey, it is important to understand what the local laws are when it comes to public smoking. Different states and countries have different rules that may permit or restrict public smoking. To be on the safe side of the law, do your research before packing your goods. In some airports, carrying is considered illegal, even when packaged in containers. Especially when it comes to vapes, some countries will even make you serve jail time when found with these devices. However, if you feel unsure about carrying your vaporizer, you should probably leave it at home to be safe. In some states, you will also find vape rental locations, so you won’t need to carry yours in the first place.

  1. Remember to hydrate

Smoking can make your throat dry, so it is important to have a bottle of water or juice with you to hydrate before and after smoking sessions. Some places also have dry weather, making you even thirstier without smoking, so having water with you in a bottle is essential. If you prefer using a water pipe to smoke, remember to carry extra water for your pipe since you might not be sure of the water supply in your destination.

  1. Rolling papers and pipes

A general rule of thumb is not carrying around pipes due to the residue smell left after smoking. No one wants to carry around dirty smoking pipes that retain the smell from the previous smoking session. Rolling papers, on the other hand, are much more efficient since they do not leave any residue behind. However, this doesn’t mean that carrying pipes is a bad idea. If you can maintain your smoking pipe clean always, then it is a good idea to bring it along on your vacation. There are also disposable pipes you could use on your trip. That way, you won’t have to go through the trouble of cleaning your smoking pipe after every session.

  1. Cleaning agents for your pipes.

If you decide to go with smoking pipes, cleanliness is key. How do you get rid of any residue and smells left behind after smoking? Nobody wants to use a gross pipe, especially when on vacation. Since you can never be sure whether your destination/hotel will provide cleaning agents such as cotton swabs, it is advisable to carry your own from home. It is important to have pipe cleaning tools with you every time you carry your pipe with you. If you will be going to the airport, ensure you give your pipes a thorough scrub to avoid clashing with the authorities. To avoid the hassle of cleaning your pipes frequently, you can opt for rolling papers instead.

Vacations should be fun even for smokers. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not you’re going to enjoy your smoking sessions when away from home. Having a traveling smoke kit that includes the items mentioned in the article above will allow you to make the most of your smoking sessions wherever you are. Research well before purchasing your items and ensure you pack all the essentials before heading out to avoid challenges when trying to prep for a smoking session.

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